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Text Twist Unscramble Anagram


Designed specifically for word masters, unscramble anagram is a multiplayer text twist game. If you love to play with words and compete with other players, this game will be your next addiction.You need to find as many words as you can from letters placed on a honeycomb in two minutes. ★ Challenge your brain with this text twist game and improve your brain!★ Each game takes only two minutes,★ You could see how do you perform against other players at each session★ Thousands of different boards ★ Easy word input with finger swipes
Download and play now!
***CHALLENGING AND ADDICTIVE!***It is not easy to find words from the anagram but it will give you the pleasure that you look for!
***EARN ACHIEVEMENTS!***By earning achievements you rank high in leader board.
***COMPETE WITH PLAYERS WORLDWIDE***Each game is played as multiplayer you can see how good you are at solving anagrams, And you do not need to wait anyone to join or play.
***BE FAST, BEAT OTHERS***You will earn points from the words you find, Bigger words count for higher points.
Some words on leaderboard score system, The leader board is designed to promote the best player not the player playing more, After sometime if you feel your points are not adding up, this is a sign to improve your gameplay. Do not forget to rank higher in leader board you have to play better than others.
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